We’re Young, We’re Ambitious And Bursting With Enthusiasm For Our Business.

We’re young, we’re ambitious and bursting with enthusiasm for our business. At the same time, we know that the kind of difference we want Pep to make is not going to happen overnight. So, with our principles firmly in place, we know what we can do now, and what we want to do in future, to keep us on the good and righteous responsible business path. Our big vision sees Pep as a profitable, self-sustaining socially and environmentally responsible enterprise, doing business in the most responsible and ethical ways possible. Within our own company, we are fair and respectful of our people, sharing our success with everyone, because we are a team in the truest sense. And the same goes for local organisations and groups that we recognise as socially responsible initiatives – we give them the support they need to succeed in their objective too – sharing the good stuff!

It All Comes To Life Like This, In These ‘Pep Ways’ That Are Already Part Of The Way We Work:

1- We Give Back:
10% of all revenue is directly invested in creating positive social impacts. The way we use the money varies – sometimes it helps us deliver practical support to a local, socially responsible initiative, other times it’s a transaction. These are not donations. They are investments and we expect to see a social return on every pound we give. 

2- We Pay Well:
Pep is an accredited Living Wage Employer. This means all of our employees receive an income on or above the calculated rate according to the Living Wage Foundation. We are committed to helping workers provide their family with the essentials of life. The Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually.

3- We Trade Fairer Than Fair:
Our supply chain has been carefully developed over time, giving us strong and viable links with responsible producers. We offer Fairtrade and Rain Forest Alliance products, but we know we can do better than that. So, for example, we’re developing our own coffee blends with beans that offer far better traceability and so, sustainability.

4- We Keep It Clean:
We want to play a leading role in the cutting of carbon emissions and pollution. According to research published by the Department for Energy and Climate Change and the World Health Organisation diesel emissions are a direct cause of lung disease, heart attacks, asthma and other respiratory problems. And that’s really not our style! So, because ours is an industry that usually requires a lot of driving, here’s what we’re doing to minimise our bad vibes:

-Our entire fleet is electric and hybrid. Not one drop of diesel is used in running of our day-to-day business.

-Advanced telemetry means we can calculate the most efficient routes and times to travel on the roads, so we cut emissions and reduce our energy costs.

5- And We Avoid Waste:
It’s part of the day to day for us, avoiding waste packaging and recycling everything we can, but we want to help our customers do the same. Things like our buy-a-cup scheme deliver two big servings of good – for £3 customers get a lovely proper mug, no more plastic waste and we match their £3 with a donation to one of our causes or charities.

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And when it comes to the future, there will be no resting on laurels round here. We have some huge ambitions that will help us share what we know, so that good can become part and parcel of business for others:

We’ll Be The Change

We want to be a living, breathing, successful example of how it’s possible to operate profitably and make a positive and significant social impact. Becoming a self-sustaining social enterprise is part of this journey.

We’ll Share The Fruits Of Our Labour And Learning

Our dreams of a Pep Foundation really spur us on. We want to be big innovators in social enterprise and have plans to go beyond the promises of Fairtrade and Rain Forest Alliance, roll up our sleeves and get directly involved, working with organisations to offer financial and people support, and direct to individual coffee growers.

We’ll Build Real Skills And Talent

We want to deliver in-house training and learning, developed with local organisations and educational institutions to create schemes that help our people achieve a high level of accreditation in the vending industry, in courses such as customer service, management, food hygiene and health and safety.

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