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Renting A Coffee Machine

Ah…Hassle Free Renting…And With A Huge Range Of New And Refurbished Machines There Is Something For Every Budget. Whether You’re After A Long Or Short-Term Rent, Pep’s Awesome Service Levels Are Like The Chocolate Sprinkles On Top Of An Already Very Sweet Deal

Top 5 Reasons To Rent A Coffee Machine

Free Delivery And Installation

Of course we do! The prices we quote include delivery and installation, and there are no hidden extras, which makes a refreshing little change.

Rental Costs Are 100% Tax Deductible

The total cost of the rental can be offset against your pre-tax profits, making it a much better proposition for businesses.

Only Pay For Equipment When You Need It

If you don’t need a machine on a day-to-day basis, don’t have one! Renting is the best option for you if you want short-term usage, such as conferences.

Fully Flexible Terms

Hey, this is Pep! Of course we offer fully flexible terms, so that we can develop a package to suit perfectly.

Stay Up To Date With The Vend Tech

We recommend you change your kit about every three years, to make the most of new vending innovations and so your coffee is as fast, affordable and delicious as possible!

Leasing Coffee Machine

We’re all used to the idea of leasing cars and other high-value things that we don’t necessarily want to buy outright. Coffee machines are no different! And the perks to leasing are huge, not least because you get the machine you really want at a manageable price. So what else does leasing offer?

5 reasons to lease a machine:

They come with a Lifetime Warranty

With all of our machines, you are covered for faults during the whole period, which means no unexpected bills or problems in the event of a breakdown. Great coffee served with peace of mind!

The cost is tax deductible

Bonus! You can offset the total cost of the lease against pre-tax profits, making the deal even sweeter.

Spread the cost over a term

Leases are usually three years but can be longer or shorter depending on your needs, so no need to make big upfront payments.

Employed more staff? Upgrade anytime!

Should you need greater capacity or different features you can upgrade easily and we can give you more machines, larger machines, shinier newer machines nice and quick.

Stay up to date with technology

There will be some kind of technical innovation in vending once every three years or so, and leasing gives you the flexibility to update your kit really easily.

Buy A Coffee Machine

Buying a coffee machine outright is the most cost-effective way of owning a machine in the long-term. Yes, you have to take the hit upfront but you can make great savings on both new and refurbished machines. On top of that, you have the reassurance that we are here should you need us, along with our trusty warranties!

Top 5 Reasons To Rent A Coffee Machine

Free Delivery And Installation

Whatever you need, we’ll look after you! With the right plan in place you can call our experts out as and when needed, and if you sign up to one of our care plans we’ll cover call out and parts costs too.

New or refurbished - we can supply both

As well as our full range of shiny new machines, you can get your hands on a real bargain – pre-loved but perfectly workable and a snip! We have a good selection of great kit at deliciously discounted rates.

Trade-in your old machine

To sweeten the deal we might even buy your old machine from you (if you have one) and either refurbish it or recycle it responsibly! Like part exchange coffee machines.

Opt from self-filled or a serviced model

The choice is yours. Either we can look after your machine and keep it fully stocked and top notch, or you can. Just let us know you preferred option and let’s talk…

Make great savings by buying up front

We can offer our greatest, biggest, fattest discounts on machines bought upfront, just call and we’ll try our best to make you an offer you can’t refuse.